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S3 Deep Cleaning Services - All types of Cleaning Solutions for your Home and Office

For being healthy, a hygienic environment is essential in your home. With the help of cleaning professionals, you can deep clean your house correctly and creates a completely sterile environment. If you are in Pune and looking for the best top-class home cleaning services, there are a lot of professional cleaning services available in Pune. S3 deep cleaning services is a renowned company in cleaning services and registered as the top-rated cleaning services company in Pune for many years. Nowadays, many service providers put their best efforts with their prior experience to give the best cleaning service.

Reasons for hiring home cleaning services providers

In the present scenario, we are so busy that we don't have time to pay proper attention to cleaning our homes. Even with the help of family members we can not give our best efforts for home cleaning. Because of this reason, many people opt for maid service, which is responsible for the cleaning of the home. But hiring a maid doesn't mean a 100 % germs-free and hygienic environment as it is involved in other home activities. Along with this, a maid is not professionally trained for deep cleaning, they must have regular cleaning skills, but they are not professionally trained for deep cleaning of homes. Very few people are satisfied with the maid cleaning tasks and worried about the cleaning issues. If you are also worried about the cleaning issue of your homes, then we are here available for you. S3 deep cleaning provides the best cleaning services in Pune with a group of cleaning professionals at affordable pricing. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with the cleaning services offered by us. We have the best cleaning professionals in our team who use the latest techniques along with the chemicals and tools or giving their 100% effort.

Key Features of S3 Deep Cleaning Services
  • We have a team of expert cleaners who have all the skills and are well trained.
  • S3 Deep Cleaning services have the maximum number of positive feedback than any other cleaning service in Pune.
  • We have been providing cleaning services since 2010 and serving various regions of Pune.
  • We have all the latest chemicals and tools along with eco-friendly chemicals or cleaning products.
  • Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, so we provide the best cleaning service.
  • S3 Deep Cleaning Services - Perfect Solution for all your cleaning needs (Residential & Commercial)

    We understand the customer's requirements, and everybody wants to make every corner of their home or house always clean and bright. S3 deep cleaning professionals make impossible cleaning tasks possible with their skills and experience. We are not afraid of any cleaning tasks as we have highly skilled professionals who provide the best home deep cleaning in Pune. Moreover, we provide various types of cleaning services which are available for both commercial and residential buildings. We are efficient in offering cleaning services very quietly on your premises, so you can continue doing your work without any disturbance and feeling their presence.

    S3 deep cleaning services are world-class standards professional home/house cleaners in Pune, providing the best service ever for deep home cleaning. We use natural cleaning products or government-approved chemicals only for cleaning, which doesn't damage the look of your house and its belongings. We follow an immensely customer-friendly approach so that our clients get maximum satisfaction with quality service. We believe that customers are the king of the market and providing them the best service with complete satisfaction is our duty. That's why we prioritize customer comfort and preference, which makes us the best house/home cleaners in pune.

    Objective Of S3 Deep Cleaning Services
  • We aim at providing household, office, and commercial cleaning services to all the regions of Pune, India.
  • Clean all the germs and bacterias from your building, whether it's residential or commercial.
  • Providing you a hygienic and clean environment, so you don't have to worried about the cleaning issues
  • Deep cleaning is essential for maintaining any asset, whether it's building or furniture, for long term
  • Components of house/home cleaning service
  • Cleaning of Bathroom including tub, mirrors, toilets, bathroom baseboard, hand wipe, shower tracks, and the exterior part of washrooms
  • Mop down the surface, vacuum all rooms, clean doors, windows, and sliding glass doors.
  • Kitchen cleaning includes cleaning the sink, stovetop, table, interior and exterior of microwave, cleaning kitchen walls and surfaces that become oily and dirty, and body of refrigerator and oven.
  • Cleaning of ceiling fans, walls, and floor surfaces of the whole house.
  • Services Covered by us in Home Cleaning.
  • Floor Cleaning: We use disinfecting chemicals and machinery equipment to remove the deep layer of dust from the floor surface.
  • Cleaning of Toilet and Bathroom: We do deep scrubbing of bathrooms, disinfect & sanitize it properly.
  • Clean All Surfaces: Its surface, including steel, wooden, and glass of furniture and floor.
  • Walls & Ceiling: In the entire house, we remove dust from all the walls and ceiling.
  • Kitchen Cleaning: Clean all the parts of the kitchen, including all furniture and electrical textures.
  • Window Cleaning: All of all the glass doors and windows in the house with proper care.
  • Other Cleaning:Cleaning of electrical appliances, ceiling fans, switchboards, etc.
  • Other Cleaning services offered by S3 Deep Cleaning Services
    (Rather than home deep cleaning service)
    Carpet Cleaning Services
    Carpet is one of the essential parts of the home's surface, and it enhances the home. The daily walk across them, splitting of food and drinks by children and pets make it dirty. Bt doesn't worry about carpet cleaning; S3 deep cleaning services are there for you to solve all your household and office cleaning issues.
    Office Deep Cleaning Services

    The office is such a place that represents your business and professionalism.Cleaning the office is essential, but regular cleaning gives an excellent look to the office, but for long-term maintenance of assets and office furniture, deep office cleaning serves the best. In Pune, S3 deep cleaning services is the best for deep office cleaning, and it helps businesses to maintain their office building and provides a clean and hygienic environment.

    Housekeeping Services

    Hiring a housekeeping service is a pretty tricky task nowadays because of lots of availability of housekeeping services. But choosing the best one is quite challenging, we offer you the best housekeeping service which is trusted and work with us for years. You will get all the essential benefits of hiring a housekeeper with us. Moreover, it is recommended that you hire a housekeeper from a company as they have trusted persons along with them, which works perfectly for you.

    Facade Cleaning Services

    Cleaning the interior of a building is accessible, but the exterior part cleaning is quite tricky. And for ordinary people, it is challenging to clean the exterior of the building, including facades, glass doors, and other designing elements. So, if you own an office or structure in such a place as the main road where there is plenty of pollution or dust, your building fades away its color. You must need a professional service facade cleaning service for maintaining the exterior of the building and S3 deep cleaning services for you in Pune.

    Sofa Home Deep Cleaning Services

    Whether it's office or home, the sofa is the most used furniture for sitting. Being one of the most used furniture for sitting and relaxing, it is natural that it gets dirty more than any other furniture. The sofa is not clean through regular cleaning as it requires more attention and special tools for deep cleaning of the sofa. In Pune, S3 deep cleaning services is one of the prominent sofa cleaning service providers. You can surf the internet for sofa cleaning services in Pune and check our services review.

    Chair Cleaning Services

    The chair is another piece of furniture used for sitting, and chairs are widely used furniture. It is available everywhere, including at home, school, office, hospitals, airport, and all over. In public places or commercial places, it is clean by the concerned authorities. But in the office, these chairs need to be adequately cleaned as it represents cleanliness. The ordinary cleaning is not efficient in cleaning chairs properly, so professional cleaning service is best for deep cleaning of chairs.

    Kitchen Cleaning Services

    The kitchen is one of the dirtiest and oily parts of the home. You will do the regular cleaning, but the daily making of sweet dishes and meals makes it a mess. Moreover, the electrical appliances like the fridge and oven also get dirty. For kitchen cleaning, professional service is best to clean the kitchen, including refrigerator, microwave oven, dishes, walls, and other items.

    Bathroom Cleaning Services

    Bathrooms and toilets are the hubs to germs and bacterias, so it isn't easy to clean them. They need extra effort and time to get cleaned properly as there is the highest number of germs. And because most of the people don't pay attention to the bathroom cleaning, it will lead to more germs and bacterias. So for solving your bathroom cleaning issue, S3 Cleaning services are the best for you. We will take the responsibility to remove germs and bacteria from the Bathroom and toilets.

    Floor Cleaning Services

    The floor represents the total cleanliness of your home or office. It is one such element of a building that gets dull over time, so you need to hire a floor cleaning service for restoring its shine. S3 deep cleaning services provide the best floor cleaning services in Pune, and our cleaning professionals are efficient in restoring the brightness of the floor with the help of specialized chemicals and tools. We will try to remove dark stains from the floor surface and restore its shine like a new one.

    Project/Construction Site Cleaning Services

    While making any building, one of the most challenging tasks is cleaning the construction or project site. It is difficult for an individual to clean the project or construction site, so hiring a professional cleaning service is best for this task. If you are looking for project/construction cleaning services in Pune, S3 deep cleaning services are the perfect choice for you. Our cleaning professionals have all the necessary tools and equipment for cleaning any newly constructed building to make it ready for the final touch.

    Pest Control Services

    After the pandemic, people will give more importance to cleaning. Whether its' a residential building or a commercial property, hiring a professional pest control service is one of the best choices for you. S3 deep cleaning services provide various cleaning services, but for making it a one-stop solution, we have included Pest control services along with our cleaning services. We have a team of professionals who give special treatment to remove pests from any property sing the latest techniques, tools, and chemicals.

    S3 Deep Cleaning Services

    S3 deep cleaning services provide its various cleaning services in Pune, India, for 12 years. With our expert professionals, we would be able to give the best cleaning services in Pune, which makes us on the list of top 10 cleaning services in Pune. Along with it, our professionals use the latest tools and techniques for deep cleaning. Moreover, we use government-approved chemicals only so that your property doesn't get damaged during the cleaning procedure.

    We provide Home / House Deep Cleaning Services in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pimple Saudagar , Pimple Nilakh, Rahatani , Kalewadi , Vishal Nagar, Wakad, Hinjewadi, Ravet, Balewadi, Pashan, Bhavdhan, Aundh, Baner, Shivajinagar, VimanNagar, Kalyani Nagar, Koregaon Park, Hadapsar, Kothrud, Kondhwa, Mundhwa
    Akurdi, Nigdi, Moshi, Bhosari, Kasarwadi, Dapodi, Kharadi, Dehuroad
    We Provide Multiple Cleaning Services like Office Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Chair Cleaning, Facade Cleaning, Project / Construction site Cleaning, Pest Control, Floor Cleaning

  • We won't guarantee to make permanent stains & faded tiles to make them like a new one.
  • According to experts, you must deep clean your house once in 6 months.
  • You have to book the cleaning service one day in advance to get the cleaning done within your desired time.
  • The hours of cleaning depend upon the type of cleaning service you want as deep home cleaning takes 6-8 while Kitchen cleaning takes 2-3 hours.
  • There are different prices for each type of cleaning, and it depends upon the size of your home or building.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    In deep home cleaning, we offer cleaning for the entire home, including Bedrooms, Living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and other common areas. As it is a deep home cleaning service, we clean areas inside the fridge, cabinets, oven, interior windows, Doors, Windows, vent covers, carpet & sofa shampooing, and laundry wash & dry.
    Generally, for a deep house cleaning, we charge flat ____rupees for a home of ____square foot to ____square foot. However, we may provide service on an hourly basis, generally per hour rate ranges between __ to __ per hour. We customize the charges of home cleaning depending upon the size of the house and areas to be cleaned additionally.
    Yes, as it is a deep home cleaning service, it covers almost all the areas of the house that are accessible. Living Room, Bedroom, Hall, Bathroom, Kitchen, and other home areas are included in this cleaning service.
    We have a network of experienced and professional housekeepers or top cleaners. Based on the time and date of your request, we will assign a suitable professional to give out the best services.
    We recommend deep home cleaning at least once in 4 months. Otherwise, you can do it as per your choice. However, it depends on the size of your house and the number of members in your family.
    Generally, in 6-8 hours, our team cleans the house. However, it depends on the total size of the house. Depending on the size of your house, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and other areas, we tell you the approximate time for cleaning your home during the checkout process.